As Last Mile Delivery continues to grow and evolve, on-line ordering has created an ‘immediate-delivery’ expectation which includes multi-temperature loads like fresh and frozen food, medical and other perishable items that must be delivered on the same run. These products require specific temperatures that must be maintained and tracked throughout the delivery process to ensure freshness and quality while adhering to industry best practices.

Creating an Instant Multi-Temperature Solution

Traditional single-temperature refrigerated vans and straight trucks are not designed for the simultaneous delivery of fresh, frozen and dry/ambient food products.  Upgrading delivery vehicles with multi-temperature refrigeration systems and multi-zone insulated compartments can be complex and expensive to both implement and maintain.  Coldtainer portable shipping containers solve this challenge by providing the perfect HACCP compliant solution that optimizes the space inside a vehicle’s load compartment for multi-temperature delivery, without costly vehicle modifications and downtime.  Logistics companies looking to expand into the cold chain market can now integrate Coldtainer refrigerated containers into their non-insulated delivery fleet to transport different categories of temperature sensitive product with a single vehicle.

Delivering Refrigerated And Frozen – Together

Coldtainer products are versatile and built to handle a wide temperature range which means that transport fleets can dedicate a portion of their refrigerated business to include frozen food delivery on the same run. Coldtainer FDN models make it possible to transport both fresh and frozen products at a controlled temperature (down to -24°C). These mobile refrigerated containers have been specially designed to share the insulated cargo space of refrigerated vehicles to instantly create a multi-temperature, multi-zone delivery environment using the vehicles existing 12V power supply. Coldtainer goes one step further to offer the preferred AuO models that operate autonomously and independent of the vehicle’s battery and power supply altogether.

Medical Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Containers

The recent pandemic has raised awareness in the medical and pharmaceutical industry to the importance of portable and track-able refrigerated containers for the safe transport of drugs and biological products. With a limited shelf life, passive containers packed with dry ice or cold packs are not a dependable long-term solution when working with critical and expensive temperature sensitive products like vaccines. Companies specializing in medical loistics for example require commercial-grade multi-temperature units that can accurately handle the simultaneous delivery of various blood components within a single shipment. Utilizing a combination of NDH and FDH Coldtainer models makes it possible to safely store and transport erythrocyte concentrates (+2/+6°C), platelet concentrates (+20/+24°C) and frozen plasma (-20°C) simultaneously, with medical grade precision.

Designed specifically for food and medical use, Coldtainer refrigerated containers are built using the highest quality components and UV resistant polyethylene walls and polyurethane foam insulation. Manufactured using seamless rotational molding technology (without joints) and rounded corners, these commercial-grade portable containers comply with HACCP regulations. They are the ideal choice for storing and transporting perishable goods at different temperatures with accurate temperature tracking and management.


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