Versatile Solutions for Long Haul and Complex Logistics Transport

Coldtainer offers exceptional quality and performance for temperature controlled transportation providers, manufacturers and commercial retailers looking to support their complex supply chain business.  Our portable refrigeration containers deliver efficient, flexible, and cost-saving solutions for precise temperature control delivery and storage without the investment in dedicated vehicles and infrastructure.
Coldtainer units help simplify logistics operations by offering a modular and highly customizable design that can operate interchangeably on both AC or DC power.  If shore power is not available, autonomous power can be used with the onboard internal battery that can keep the unit running for up to 10 hours on a single charge.
Utilizing your existing delivery fleet (refrigerated or non-refrigerated), you can divide the cargo space of every vehicle into multiple temperature-controlled zones, and interchange them as the load and delivery requirements change.  With top or front opening models, in numerous sizes and options for freezing, cooling, and heating, your delivery fleet can instantly offer precise temperature control flexibility with complete monitoring and security capabilities.

Temperature Flexibility 

Our Coldtainer units offer flexibility by letting you choose the right temperature for your perishable load. With temperature ranges from +85C to -30C, we have the right unit to suit your temperature control needs. 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Frozen Foods
  • Non-Frozen Foods
  • Temperature Sensitive Products




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