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Hospitals, labs, research centres and military facilities around the world depend on Coldtainer’s refrigerated medical transport containers to safely and securely transport medical materials and pharmaceutical products.  Medical manufacturers and distribution networks must meet stringent requirements in order pass the guidelines imposed by regulatory health and drug agencies.  Maintaining the integrity and precise temperatures of medical and pharmaceutical products during their transport is key to preserving their efficacy.  

When Compliance is Critical

The handling, packaging and shipping of medical substances and pharmaceutical products like medicines, vaccines, blood, blood derivative products and biological samples all depend on the safety, security and integrity of the containers used to transport these materials. Coldtainer delivers in all these areas while also meeting the CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines.  The rugged, highly insulted design is fully self contained and resistant to vibrations, providing an ambient temperature range of -20°C up to +50°C (with reduced specifications) and built to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the journey regardless of the atmospheric conditions*.  
*Specific Coldtainer models offer FDH and NDH versions with automatic on-board heating and cooling systems that normalize for external environmental temperature conditions in compliance with applicable international regulations (GDP 2013/C 68/01, WHO 961/2011).



100% GREEN

Considerations for Refrigerated Medical Transport

Coldtainer’s complete line of portable temperature controlled containers are used across a diverse range of industries including medical and pharmaceutical transport and as a result are not classified as “Medical Devices.”  For this reason, Coldtainer units are not required to meet the standards or authorizations for such devices. When using Coldtainer’s refrigerated medical transport containers to transport UN 3373 biological substances, you must follow the required system packaging for the product being shipped as indicated by shipping services provider.

Medical and Military Approved

Coldtainer’s refrigerated medical transport containers have a proven track record for monitored performance, safety and security – everything that matters when shipping high profile and high valued products on behalf of:


  • Pharmaceutical-distribution companies
  • Medical Military and civil protection bodies
  • Research laboratories and universities
  • Public-health authorities

Coldtainers are double-walled with rounded corners (and without joints) allowing for HACCP-level cleaning. They are light, rugged, and manufactured using rotational molding technology that guarantees performance and durability even in the presence of constant vibrations.

Without the need for dedicated transport infrastructure and insulation, these containers provide the flexibility to easily load, unload, and stack in a variety of configurations depending on your delivery requirements. Contact us today to see how Coldtainer can help your pharmaceutical business.

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