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Catering events come with a genuine passion for carefully prepared foods, a keen awareness for detail, and the ability to adjust to any situation that may arise.  Anticipating and fulfilling the dynamic needs of the modern catering client means that your works of culinary art must arrive on location at the perfect temperature – Hot, cold and/or frozen …as they were intended.
Designed for complete flexibility, durability and temperature controlled monitoring, Coldtainer’s food transportation containers ensure the quality and integrity of your prepared foods and your brand reputation.  Restaurants, wineries, bakeries, breweries, and any other food operation that need to safely store and transport product at a precise temperature can benefit from the full line of Coldtainer units; refrigerated containers, frozen containers and hot boxes for food delivery – all in various sizes, temperature ranges and door opening configurations.

Hot Boxes for Food Transport

Coldtainer also offers hot box containers for hot food transport are capable of maintaining an internal temperature between + 149°F and + 185°F.  The convenient mobile app allows for precise real-time temperature control and monitoring so you can be sure that your inspired culinary cuisine will arrive at the optimum temperature.
Like all Coldtainer units, the HmL line of hot boxes are comply with the requirements of the HACCP standard.  All Coldtainer units are self contained with no internal joints or edges which makes for simple and easy clean-up.  Catering businesses and restaurants around the world have realized the benefits of Coldtainer as their primary choice for food transport containers . 
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