Refrigerated Transport Containers For Delivering Pharmaceutical Products

Maintaining the integrity and precise temperatures of medical and pharmaceutical products during their transport is key to preserving their efficacy. Coldtainer delivers on both. Its resistance to vibrations and ambient temperature range of -20°C up to +50°C (with reduced specifications) ensures the best chance for a stress-free and stable transport.

Hospitals, labs, research centres and military facilities alike, depend on Coldtainer units so they can focus on what they do best, and not the potential consequences that can occur when using an inferior product.

Coldtainer’s Temperature Controlled Portable Refrigerated Containers Support:

  • Pharmaceutical distribution companies
  • Medical test companies
  • Universities and research centres
  • Civil protection and military medical bodies
  • Public health authorities
  • Logistic companies specializing in transport of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must meet stringent regulatory requirements for the good of the public. Regulatory agencies impose strict guidelines regarding the handling, packaging and shipping of pharmaceutical substances and products, which also encompass the containers used to transport these materials. Consider Coldtainer if you transport medicines, vaccines, blood and derivatives, samples to be analyzed or frozen items for people with celiac disease. Coldtainer offers several pharmaceutical transport container options to meet the temperature requirements of all types of pharma products including vaccines, blood and plasma, and other biologic materials. This enables the shipper to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the journey regardless of the atmospheric conditions.

NDH and FDH versions – available with an automatic cooling/heating system to guarantee the products transport at a constant temperature, regardless of the external environmental conditions, in compliance* with the regulations in force (GDP 2013/C 68/01, WHO 961/2011).

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The combination of all the above factors enable pharmaceutical portable reefer containers to have a positive impact on what matters most: the bottom line. By helping to lower shipping and handling costs and preventing losses in the form of damaged products, Coldtainers refrigerated containers increase the shippers profitability & deliver a significant return on investment.

* Coldtainer mobile refrigerators, being suitable for the transport of any type of product, are not classifiable as “Medical Devices” and are not subject to specific norms or approvals. For the transport of “UN 3373” diagnostic or clinical samples inside Coldtainer mobile refrigerators it is necessary to use a three-system packaging for the product, with primary and secondary packaging certified according to ICAO/ADR/IMDG standards in force.


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